The Rightness Clearing Loop

What if you didn't have to be right or wrong? What if you could be free? A 30-minute audio clearing to unlock the li...


Facilitating from Awareness 3-part Telecall

(Scroll down for translations) What is facilitation? What is not facilitation? What is awareness? What is not awa...


Dementia… Escape or Beginning? Telecall

What is dementia? What is not dementia? Is it an escape?  A beginning? What if it’s not what it’s...


Parenting Done Different

What is your job as a parent?  Do you worry about whether or not your child will succeed?  How do you mea...


Kids on Your Caseload with ADD, ADHD, Autism – A Different Perspective

This class is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French! This class is for therapists who have children ...


The New Foundation Manual Telecall Replay with Anne Maxwell

What is it that you really need you haven't found yet? Try this! *for CF's only Includes recorded MP3 & PDF of...


Does Competition Have a Grip on You?

Does Competition Have a Grip on You? 1 part telecall with Anne Maxwell “To see yourself in competition, y...


Recovery From Brainwashing

“Did you know when you were being psychologically abused, or was it done so subtly you just thought it was norm...


How Many Forms of Brainwashing Are There?

This is Part II of the Recovery from Brainwashing series. Brainwashing is how people get you to believe that they ha...


The Ten Keys to Total Freedom Telecall

"These are the keys to actually creating freedom for you with everybody you deal with. " Gary Douglas ​What if you c...


Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree?

This tele-call is based on the book, Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ...


Dealing With Difficult Kids

Are you sometimes at a loss as to how to deal with the kids in your life? Kids who worry a lot. Kids who are depress...

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