Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? Telecall Series

 Would You Teach a Fish To Climb a Tree book cover

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

This class, based on the book by the same name, is designed to create the space that allows you and the children in your life to have much greater ease in all areas from communication to behavior, confidence to joy and much more. We invite you to empower your children to access the gifts and capacities they have and to create what they're truly capable of.

"Some of my favorite kids are the ones that never fit in, that were always so different, and people never quite knew what to do with..." ~ Anne Maxwell, LCSW

Have you ever noticed how some kids are just different? They look different. They act different. They communicate differently. They don’t respond the way other kids do.

Many of them are labeled with “disorders” such as ADD, ADHD, OCD and autism. They are told they need to change to become more like other kids, to fit in. And when they don’t, they can find themselves excluded, isolated, judged, ostracized, bullied, made fun of … the list goes on.

Some kids are different all the time, no matter what anyone says or does.

Parents, teachers, therapists and other professionals are often at a loss as to how to deal with them.

There is nothing wrong with these kids … they are simply different.

Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S is a psychotherapist who has worked for over 25 years with children who struggle with not fitting in, with being different, with being labeled with “disorders.” She has developed a unique approach for these children, their parents and family members that allows them to shift from dismay, distress and worry to being able to change all of that, and to create a different way of being that works better for them.




  • 3 x mp3 audio call recordings
  • 3 x PDFs of written processes from the series
  • 3 x mp3 audio clearing loops


$400 USD *country pricing applies
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Available languages include: English, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish


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