Deep Dives into Access Basics with Anne - 4 Pack Bundle

With this bundle, you will receive recordings of these 4 classes with Anne about basic concepts of Access that can transform your life. Are you looking for more clarity or information on these fundamental ideas? Would you like to know more about what each of these things are and if or how they may apply to you? Anne knows this material inside and out and in these 4 classes, she invites you to explore these topics on a deeper level.

Find more information about each individual call below.


Chaos & Order

Chaos and Order!!

What is it? Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Neither? Can you use it in your daily life?

What if chaos is actually a non-ordered form of possibility? How can you use order and chaos both to create your life?
This is an audio clip from the Creative Edge of Consciousness, July 2016 with Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.


Feelings, Relational Digitizations, Archimedean Spirals

Do you have questions about these topics ... so key in the Foundation manual?

Would you like more ease and clarity with all of this? 

Join us ... let's dive in!



A very new take on one of the "old" basics of Access Consciousness®... the BHCEEMCs.  

What are they? Are they relevant to me? If you are a healer, facilitator, practitioner, therapist… this information might assist.


Jails & E=MC2

Have you heard these new clearings? Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain have been using them in recent classes and telecalls AND...

They are potent, mind-numbing, sleep-inducing ... and game-changing!

Would having more information about these clearings contribute to you and your classes ... to you and your life and your living?


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Stay informed on what is going on with Anne. New telecalls and classes around the world, updates to her blog with relatable stories, useful tools, and relevant information.