Approaching Your Kids When Others Think They Are Disabled

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This class is for parents.  Do you have a child who is different from other children?  One who functions differently, looks different, responds differently, acts different …  and who is viewed as disabled or less than or wrong by others? 

Being the parent of a child with ADD, ADHD or autism has some unique struggles. 

  • Do you feel judged and criticized by people who don’t understand your child or you or what it’s like being the parent to a child with ADD, ADHD or autism?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your child is on a downward spiral and you can’t stop it and the people who are supposed to help you either can’t or don’t?
  • Do other kids make fun of your child?  Do adults talk about you and your child behind your back, disapproving of you and your child?   
  • Do people … relatives, professionals, experts, friends … offer you advice about how to “fix” your child?  How to teach your child to be normal?

 And, do you know that there is so much more to your child than what other people see?  Would you like to access more of that?

In this class, you will be given tools you can use to create a different way of approaching your child to begin to change all of that, so that your child can thrive and you can have peace.  Tools you can use: 

  • To understand your child in ways that make sense
  • To have a relationship with your child without feeling guilty or stuck
  • To communicate with your child without feeling frustrated
  • To advocate for your child with outside providers without compromising you or your child

Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S is a psychotherapist who has had a clinical practice for over 25 years.  She has developed a unique approach for children, parents and family members that allows them to shift from worry, discouragement and dismay to being able to create a more ease with each other … fewer tantrums, fewer struggles, more joy, more fun, easier communication.

*If you attend this class, the intro on December 16 is free of charge.*



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