10 Keys to Total Freedom Telecall

"These are the keys to actually creating freedom for you with everybody you deal with. " Gary Douglas

​What if you could have a simple list of tools that could change almost anything in your life?  Would you be willing to have that much ease?  What if using just ONE of these tools every day could totally change your life?  It’s totally possible… you just need to choose it! Are you ready to lose big chunks of your frustration, confusion and limitations? Is this the class for you? Is now the time?

​When you function from these keys, you expand your capacity for consciousness, which gives you greater awareness about you, your life, your living, your reality, your future and beyond. 


  • Recordings of 10 calls, one for each Key.
  • Audio Clearing Loop for each call
  • PDF of written Clearings for each call


$200 USD ​*country pricing applies
Find Your Country Pricing HERE


Languages, in addition to English:  French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Spanish.


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