Comfortable Distance

Comfortable distance … or true happiness?

What is comfortable distance?  It’s the limitations and blockages you create to keep you in the comfortable familiarity of never having what you would like to have, and always yearning for more.

 “Comfortable distance is what you do to avoid conflict.”  Gary Douglas

How often do you find yourself unwilling or unable to talk with someone?  Maintaining comfortable distance …

Are you caught up in the push/pull of a relationship?  Maintaining comfortable distance … 

How often do you hit a ceiling with money and can’t seem to go beyond?  Maintaining comfortable distance …

“It’s a whole lot easier to have happiness when you have no distance.”  Gary Douglas
Comfortable distance … or true happiness?  Which do you choose?

This telecall is about letting go of the need for comfortable distance …
between you and you,
between you and your family,
you and money,
you and your body … and choosing something different. 

It’s about shifting from the rut of the predictably comfortable (and mediocre) to uncomfortable and the possibility of true happiness, more ease, more fun …

Would you like to change that?

Join Anne for this one-off telecall!

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This product includes,
* an mp3 recording of the call
* a pdf with written clearings
* an mp3 recording of the clearings 

***TRANSLATION available***
French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish



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