How Many Forms of Brainwashing Are There?

This is Part II of the Recovery from Brainwashing series.

Brainwashing is how people get you to believe that they have the right point of view and you have the wrong point of view, and they do it subtly and kindly. ~ Gary Douglas

How many forms of brainwashing are there that you’re still using?

In Part I, we shined the light of day on it, and, barely scratched the surface. What we did was open up space to go much deeper.

Acknowledging the brainwashing that has been done to you and that you have done to yourself and to others is a first step in recovery.

Kindness to you is the source of all recovery. ~ Gary Douglas

Here is where you can ask questions to undo the effects of brainwashing, have other choices, and, actually recover.
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