No More New Years Resolutions!

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2017

How many New Years resolutions have you made?

And how many have you kept?

Not so many?

Me either!

I cannot tell you how many times I tried … and tried … for years … and I would greet each New Year with renewed seriousness and earnestness and intention and gravitas … It was exhausting!! And ultimately not very satisfying, as I observed my weight creeping back up and my seeming inability to stop drinking and my continued attraction to men who preferred to be with other women and my earnings that once they hit a ceiling, never seemed to go above … the lists went on.

So I decided to quit with the resolutions, except I never really did … I just didn’t announce them or claim them or admit that that was what I was up to.

Now, many years later, I no longer make New Years resolutions, and, no longer feel bad about it!

You see, the thing about making a resolution is that you have to judge that something that you’re doing and/or being is wrong.

Your point of view creates your reality; your reality does not create your point of view.

So if you view something as “wrong” do you create more of it or can you change it?

What if you weren’t wrong? And if you weren’t wrong, what would you be?

In addition to New Years resolutions, many people set goals for themselves and others set targets (being moveable, somehow the antidote to resolutions?) Not so much!

How much judgment do you have to use to create a New Years resolution or a goal or a target? As it turns out, quite a bit! And, I am equally capable of judging my failure to hit targets as I am of judging my inability to reach goals!

Instead, here’s what I do.

1. I look at the year that is about to end, and, acknowledge the accomplishments, the achievements, the changes I’ve created … not in some egocentric, narcissistic way, just simply acknowledge them … doubled my income, live in a beautiful home, work with creative and fun people … like that.

2. Then I get clear on what it is I would like to have going forward, and I ask for it … bigger classes, more revenue streams, people who are easy and fun to spend time with, having a global presence, more fun, more travel … whatever it is. As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness says, “What you’re not willing to ask for, you’re not willing to receive.”

Then, I ask questions, like,

  • What can I be or do to create this?
  • What’s it going to take to create more and bigger?
  • What’s possible here that I’ve not acknowledged?
  • And, I ask myself if I’m willing to be or do whatever it takes to create that, to have that as my life, living and reality!


Happy New Years to all! Wishing you all the very best!


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